Whatnot Diary: Last Friday of 2011

My 20th post in a span of one month! O_O

So another fun fun day~ It never fails to plan out of nowhere rather than planning it thoroughly. Went out to have a Nendo shoot but things didn’t turned exactly like that.
It was my first time dining in Pancake Haus, and the service charge was not an exemption.
I hate when restaurants charge you with SERVICES when the service isn’t quite right. That’s not a bad impression for a first time costumer! Well, the food was fine though. We ordered the Blueberry Pancake (which we mistook a butter into an icecream :D..)

Their menu caught mine and Kai’s attention. (read the text below) I wonder if it really does make you hear stuffs :3

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Photography: Team BanKai

So I personally picked these two as my subjects for my very first formal yet still “test” shoot. I do not feel comfortable yet having human subjects and doing it outdoor makes it worse. Forgive me for I am still a “noob” and I am trying to learn from my mistakes and imperfections.

We did our mini shoot in SM Megamall, during those moments when the guards are still having their daily morning briefing.(⌒-⌒ )v
I was really happy for the good weather, the sun was on its brightest and the wind was calm like its whispering to me that, “Its alright don’t be scared, just point and shoot.” Haha

The friendly blueeee sky. I felt like swimming on it XD.

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Whatnot Diary: BanKai Outtakes

Okey because I’m too lazy right now to edit photos I’m posting first the events after shoot. I’m actually done editing some pictures from the fun shoot but I don’t like it. ( 。・_・。) I failed once more. *hides*
So after that “mini fun shoot”,despite being groggy, sleepy and tired (of someone) we still managed to hang out for a little longer. We did the shoot in a mall while it was still close and luckily finished at exactly lunch time.

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Whatnot Diary: Christmas is Merry.

Its not Christmas if the snow won’t fall, that is something not for Philippines. With or without snow, rain or shine its Christmas here. Happy Holidays everyone!~ Of Course everyone’s busy for Christmas eve and my heads busy as well. Mr. Migraine you are one meanie fella. Been cooking the whole day like everyone else I guess, rushed to downtown with mama to shop extra gifts and wrapped ’em like who cares. What matters is on the inside. 🙂

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Hitsuzen Diary: Christmas Party (2011)

So we had our Hitsuzen Christmas party in Greenos (again), ah no, more of open forum actually. 🙂 Oh well. We settled some issues, dramas, misunderstandings and trolls. Hopefully its finally settled. =_= 2011 was definitely tough with the group, but we manage to hold on “somehow”. Communication is just too strong, it ruins people if not used properly and I guess I have to admit I learned a very good lesson from that. Gotta behave more :O LOL Anyways. So Greenos right? My meeting place of the year. Been here consecutively because of meetings and parties, which makes the food not fun anymore. But if you happen to eat seldom, the food is fine. Famous for there HUGE pizzas and other pizzas. XD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Whatnot Diary: Everybody’s got a Wishlist.

Yes. Maybe. Maybe not? It seems that in every site I’m into I can see wishlist anywhere so I thought “Okey its Christmas so why not me too?” 🙂 But to make a little difference (just a little). Instead of grabbing goggled pictures for the reference of my wishlist I decided to draw (some) it myself though you might notice that the drawing sucks. 🙂
Now, mostly in my wishlist would probably take decades before I can have them because I wasn’t blessed with a silver spoon nor with Aunties and Uncles that have open arms, but who knows? I just recently bought something I never thought I could afford at this time. Anyways, as far as I know myself. I am a very impulsive person and I know its bad (at times). But at the same time I’m also the kind that changes mind A LOT, I mean changes so fast? O_O. I don’t know why its just the way I am which makes wishlist difficult for me because I might changed plans halfway =_= *sigh*

So for today’s blog, I would like to share my I’m-sure-wishlist for the end of 2011 and upcoming 2012.

A hot choco in a rainy afternoon. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm.

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Hitsuzen Diary: Saturday SPAM.

I barely had proper shots yesterday. I find it difficult to adjust in night mode settings. Most of the photos were blur or too dark. And its not inspiring.
Post processing was also a pain. The internet was in coma, hence my LR is lagging. Plus I was so tired probably because of the consecutive nocturnal activities I have been doing in the past weeks. I keep on falling asleep in the process. LOL. I tried getting aid from a cup of hot chocolate but it didn’t work at all and so I slept.
I was also very unhappy last night. My friend texted me that it was eclipse and insisted  that I should take a photo of it. I wanted but my parents were about to sleep and opening the rooftop doors were noisy so it will surely distract them. It did. I was scolded. 🙂

Now for the real story. Planning out of nowhere is always the best intervention for our group rather than planning it out thoroughly. First stop was Felicia’s, a very private looking cake shop. Inside feels just like at home with their cozy sofas and interiors. The food is fine except when they didn’t hear you well and you have to wait 10 years for your order. So advice is, SPEAK LOUDLY and CLEARLY. Bring megaphones if needed. 🙂
The lagging lightroom.

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