Whatnot Diary: BanKai Outtakes

Okey because I’m too lazy right now to edit photos I’m posting first the events after shoot. I’m actually done editing some pictures from the fun shoot but I don’t like it. ( 。・_・。) I failed once more. *hides*
So after that “mini fun shoot”,despite being groggy, sleepy and tired (of someone) we still managed to hang out for a little longer. We did the shoot in a mall while it was still close and luckily finished at exactly lunch time.


K. I badly want one. I will. Soon. (´・ω・`*)


Went to a coffee shop for more gluttonous activity.

When I went home I realized how little money I had left that day. ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ
To BanKai I will post the photos soon, when my heads not drilling me anymore. But do take note that its not much. Most of it was fail. (  ̄д ̄ )

Anyways that’s it for now. New Year’s up next. Happy Holidays.

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