Whatnot Diary: Lazy Sunday.

Woke up very very late today, got only my coffee to comfort me. I feel so useless. 😦 And all these issues are still crawling up my nerves its so depressing. Oh gad.
It was raining cats and dogs too! I wish the rain could just wash away all these hate that I harbor. /urami

Anyways this is not a hate blog so will leave it like that.
So mama and I went to our usual schedule on Sundays. Church. Mall. Food. Food. More food.
I was tempted to buy this cute danglers of McDonald (though I originally wanted the coffee but WAS OUT OF STOCK).
The Double Cheeseburger. (I wonder how does the coffee looks like :(..)

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Whatnot Diary: Packages and Presents.

One thing that keeps me from not hating Christmas is presents /LOL. Seriously though, its not like everyday I get to have presents or you get to have or do you??!!! O_O :(. I always give presents to MYSELF. And it was recently, funny how I made it wrapped and the sales lady was like “You get to ask yourself honey, ‘I wonder what’s this?’ ” then we both laughed. Funny lady, weird me. :

I’m not good with gifts.

A butterfly necklace bought from a favorite online shop. LolitaVirus.
Its beautiful in personal despite of being ‘just’ black its very elegant looking.

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Whatnot Diary: Sweets etc.

Last night I had a dream. But I forgot.

So this Cirque Internationale really gave a challenge to my height. I realized I will never have a chance of survival in a crowd of 5’4 and above. Its so depressing. I thought I could give it a shot today but I SUPER FAILED LIKE 10 times. (And I just accidentally pressed backspace while typing this and thank gad all the texts are still here when I backspaced again T_T..)
This day is so full of disappointments that excludes my frappe spilling like hurricane in the jeep but I do hope my picture spam won’t bore you O_O.

Yes the FRAPPE. That cake is Choco Banana by the way.

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Review: Coraline. The Other "other”.

My favorite line, “The other mother”. When I woke this morning my eyes were buttons in peach shade.

Anyways, I wasn’t expecting the book to arrive till tomorrow but it did /lol. More surprisingly, my father was the one who delivered it to me personally O_o (which is a rare phenomenon you know. Very rare, like you find aliens sleeping under your bed..) … Now this is my Movie Collectors Edition of Coraline by Neil Gaiman.

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