Photoblog Diary: Rainbow Snack.

I had nothing left to do this afternoon and was tempted to play with my food instead of eating them (but I still did eat them eventually =_=.). Just playing with the colors anyway :). Its too cute to resist. Haha. The first photo was, I thought failed but it turned out to be “just okey”. I was irritated because it was “blur” and I had to repeat a couple of shots but never had another angle like that. You know that feeling \m/. Its really convenient to use a tripod when your taking photo alone but I realized how noob I was (I was noob at the first place LOL).  Site the first photo as a good example. I don’t know when will the focus point be sharp and blur, I kept on locking on it but of course it did not work. Well, I guess I’ll just have to try and try. Practice never fails to improve one’s skill. 🙂

Excuse me for with all the pictures I am posting recently here. Please do understand that I am still in the process of experimenting and adjusting. 😀


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