Doll Diaries : Reira Loves Rilakkuma

So I was cleaning profusely in my room when I found some things of my interest ..Anyways I totally forgot that I had this pseudo Kuma shirt lying around so I had my daughter have it. And since my gift for her is late thank you to the overwhelming I think this will do for now.. DSC_0546 Continue reading

Kill la Kill : Kiryuin Satsuki PM Figure (SEGA)

Hello web ! Today I fetch a bunch of goodies in the mail and it felt sooooo awesome. It’s truly Christmas now “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” Well anyways lets get into business.. so I have already showcased the little sister a few weeks ago and now it’s the “Oneesan’s” turn! (Though it actually took me quite a lot of time before I manage to post her.. sorry I was busy with somethings)DSC_0531 (2) Continue reading