S.H.Figuarts : Kinomoto Sakura ~Card Captor Sakura~ (Bandai)

How is everybody doing so far? Bet most of you are in the middle of summer escapades. Well as for me it was rather a rough week. Just today I had one of my molars extracted and well, I am in pain right now. Anyways I told you, April is Sakura’s month (for me)! So here’s another treat for CCS fans out there ^_^

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figma : Seto Sun ~Seto no Hanayome~ (Max Factory)

Who wants a mermaid and a yakuza for a girlfriend ? 🙂 I would if I were a boy lol.

I’ve been eyeing this figma for quite sometime already I just didn’t get the chance to purchase it sooner, but as they say its better late than never. I think I have a slight fetish for mermaids uh-uh >.< , I have a crush on Camie and Shirahoshi (One Piece) and this dearie is a non exception.

Presenting my Seto Sun ! All wrapped in one. A cute tsun-tsun high school mermaid not to mention that she came from a undersea Yakuza family. Now that’s for a bad-ass girlfriend 🙂

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