Hitsuzen Diary: Christmas Party (2011)

So we had our Hitsuzen Christmas party in Greenos (again), ah no, more of open forum actually. 🙂 Oh well. We settled some issues, dramas, misunderstandings and trolls. Hopefully its finally settled. =_= 2011 was definitely tough with the group, but we manage to hold on “somehow”. Communication is just too strong, it ruins people if not used properly and I guess I have to admit I learned a very good lesson from that. Gotta behave more :O LOL Anyways. So Greenos right? My meeting place of the year. Been here consecutively because of meetings and parties, which makes the food not fun anymore. But if you happen to eat seldom, the food is fine. Famous for there HUGE pizzas and other pizzas. XD

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I love Joe’s lip color~
I like how strong her fashion sense is, her confidence. She’s a woman who’s not scared to show people who she really is.


Soon, Tita ladybird and family joined us. She’s like a manager to our group. We really should be thankful with her because she was one of those who insisted that the group should TALK when everything seems to be falling apart. She made these~ Sculptured Oreo cookie and Hersheys. *Drools* Though its not edible 


Sai as Sunako, Sadako, Sawako whichever comes first. 。◕‿◕。


Ohai~ Keisha. She happened to passed by but was with other companies so she wasn’t able to stay for long.

Probably one of my funniest exchange gift experience. (◡‿◡✿)

I envy Mac for his Hoodie. (○`ε´○)/

So after greenos we loitered in Lagoon for some fresh air and nice view.

Last stop was in McDo where everything fall into places. We finally manage to have a SERIOUS talk. Though I bet there will be more trlling in the near future. 🙂

Too bad we weren’t as complete as before but once Hitsuzen will always be Hitsuzen. To our fellow Core members who wasn’t able to attend, still, we love you. Especially to Razel and Romel, lets have some good time again when you are both free from your responsibilities. To dear Pollen who’s working so hard in Australia, hold on friend and keep the spirit up! We’ll see you soon. 🙂 Thank You for another wonderful and challenging year. Merry Christmas Hitsuzen.

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