Whatnot Diary: Last Friday of 2011

My 20th post in a span of one month! O_O

So another fun fun day~ It never fails to plan out of nowhere rather than planning it thoroughly. Went out to have a Nendo shoot but things didn’t turned exactly like that.
It was my first time dining in Pancake Haus, and the service charge was not an exemption.
I hate when restaurants charge you with SERVICES when the service isn’t quite right. That’s not a bad impression for a first time costumer! Well, the food was fine though. We ordered the Blueberry Pancake (which we mistook a butter into an icecream :D..)

Their menu caught mine and Kai’s attention. (read the text below) I wonder if it really does make you hear stuffs :3

I was able to reunite with high school classmates, ChristanneZymbeline and Pam. Been years since I last saw and hanged out with them though we sure get in touch in social networks. Thank you FB.
Blueberry Pancake~
K. Nice ride Ban. :3


L’Kaisei. The only place (so far) here in Bacolod that’s close to having Japanese set up, but not entirely. The interiors are the only ones in Japanese culture the rest are in modern. Though I was hoping they could have Kotetsu’s inside or special rooms with one!


After Pancake Haus, we went straight to Island Spoon (Sweet Greens before) because it was a walking distance from where we came and that is where we continued our gluttoning.
A cozy, home-like restaurant.
Sate Rice.
Its quite delicious and we were all so full!
Light and L, dining with us. ヽ(´ー`)ノ
Why you trolling at Light, L.
Christanne!~ You are lovely dear and my camera loves you XD ^_^.


High School~
We really did changed! 🙂 But the talks about those moments in high school never seem to get bored!
(Left to Right: Pam, Zym, Tan, Ban)
More of Light and L’s HD with each other. 。◕‿◕。
Earlier that day, I indulge myself to mini shopping and bought some new shoes! Also bought presents for mama and papa~ :3
LOL. Yes that’s how BIG my feet is. 🙂

And we never had enough especially Ban who had no sleep since last night. (•ิ_•ิ)
After Island Spoon, we headed to SM or they headed to SM while I did my last minute grocery shopping for New Years eve but I met up again with them after finishing my grocery to watch a movie which concluded our Friday. Ja!

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