Hitsuzen Diary: Saturday SPAM.

I barely had proper shots yesterday. I find it difficult to adjust in night mode settings. Most of the photos were blur or too dark. And its not inspiring.
Post processing was also a pain. The internet was in coma, hence my LR is lagging. Plus I was so tired probably because of the consecutive nocturnal activities I have been doing in the past weeks. I keep on falling asleep in the process. LOL. I tried getting aid from a cup of hot chocolate but it didn’t work at all and so I slept.
I was also very unhappy last night. My friend texted me that it was eclipse and insisted  that I should take a photo of it. I wanted but my parents were about to sleep and opening the rooftop doors were noisy so it will surely distract them. It did. I was scolded. 🙂

Now for the real story. Planning out of nowhere is always the best intervention for our group rather than planning it out thoroughly. First stop was Felicia’s, a very private looking cake shop. Inside feels just like at home with their cozy sofas and interiors. The food is fine except when they didn’t hear you well and you have to wait 10 years for your order. So advice is, SPEAK LOUDLY and CLEARLY. Bring megaphones if needed. 🙂
The lagging lightroom.

WARNING: Do not put creamer on your hot choco if its not HOT anymore. Someone I know did that and refer to the picture above (2nd photo from top). 😀 Its actually me. Okey to the next story.

Using Ban’s term I am having “writers block” with all this headache and distractions so will leave you with another sets of photo spam.

By the way, the next couple of photos seems like from that magazine, True Philippine Ghost Stories O_O. But we probably did have some paranormal experience just for a second while inside the Capitol (Building below) or maybe not. #thoughwehadgoosebumps. This building is old, very Spanish style and creepy (only at night though).

Thank you Vench for sharing some inspiring information about Capitol while we were inside. 🙂 Some areas are really hunted so as they say.

3rd part of our Saturday was the 888 Chinatown Square.

Went to 888 because somebody trolled us. But we found some really,colorful stuffs so I guess its fine.  XD

Notice says.: Please No Playing. XD #butweplayed

I call him “OTAKU” (below)

Now this is were my problem starts. Things I do not focus are the ones focused and vice versa which is really irritating, though some turned out to be good. 🙂

After the 888 Chinatown strolling we decided to go home. On our way, we stop by a pet shop.
Now my problem here is worse than focusing, but it is still focusing. Just see to witness my flawless talent in dark photography. 🙂
The fish was fine. K.

Now here goes…#myeyeslikesitsoleavemealone =_=

The last part was buying some meal for my mom and in the waiting Ban arrived with his pacifier, I mean with his Shinee collectors item CD booklet wrapped in a pacifier box. 🙂

and here’s the last of failures I had yesterday. Too baaaaaad.

Oh not the last. I still have one!! Hahaha. Remember the Lunar Eclipse I mentioned at the start? 🙂

You have been warned about the photo spam XD. Thank You for reading! (as if there were any LOL)

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