Happy Halloween (2014)

Hi guys! October is ending in an hour so let me take this chance to greet everyone a Happy Trick or Treat 😀

Yotsuba is enjoying her basket of candies (and crickets)

Tomorrow will also be the final day of my exam ~~~ I’ll do my best ^_^

Have a spooky weekend everyone :p

Digimon Adventure : G.E.M. Series Taichi and Yamato 1/10 Complete Figure (MegaHouse)

What if you woke in a another dimension, found an egg and the next thing you know you are destined to save that other world and that you are one of the chosen children?

I WAS SINCERELY wishing for this my entire life. I mean not just being a chosen child, but waking up in an anime world one day. Even if its in Shingeki ITS ALRIGHT ha ha ha.

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Ranka Lee Ichiban Kuji Premium Figure Macross F TV series Blu-ray BOX Launch (Banpresto)

Hello guys! How’s everything going on? Masskara is fast approaching here in Bacolod (or actually today is the first day of main events) and it’s been raining hard everyday so I don’t know, we might have a wet (and wild) festival this year. Though I hope it’ll be sunny even just on the highlights.

Moving on with the post today is another Ranka Lee figure showcasing. I believe this is my most elegant and sophisticated looking Ranka figure that I own.

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