Whatnot Diary: Everybody’s got a Wishlist.

Yes. Maybe. Maybe not? It seems that in every site I’m into I can see wishlist anywhere so I thought “Okey its Christmas so why not me too?” 🙂 But to make a little difference (just a little). Instead of grabbing goggled pictures for the reference of my wishlist I decided to draw (some) it myself though you might notice that the drawing sucks. 🙂
Now, mostly in my wishlist would probably take decades before I can have them because I wasn’t blessed with a silver spoon nor with Aunties and Uncles that have open arms, but who knows? I just recently bought something I never thought I could afford at this time. Anyways, as far as I know myself. I am a very impulsive person and I know its bad (at times). But at the same time I’m also the kind that changes mind A LOT, I mean changes so fast? O_O. I don’t know why its just the way I am which makes wishlist difficult for me because I might changed plans halfway =_= *sigh*

So for today’s blog, I would like to share my I’m-sure-wishlist for the end of 2011 and upcoming 2012.

A hot choco in a rainy afternoon. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm.

So now here’s a rundown.
Top of my list is a Coraline Doll. I am in Love with her. This is the exact doll I want and I already have this one on the move. So hopefully I’ll be expecting the doll to arrive early January. crosses finger

Pink Parade!
I’m sorry to say but I am greedy sometimes. I just want the pink in that Pentax but my drawing doesn’t look like pink, actually it does not have a shade at all (except for the black). Thank You Crayola crayons for making my world a colorful one.

Just kidding. The drawing and coloring where intentional. I tell you, I can draw and color way way better than that. 🙂 I just like the way how it looks now. Its more like of a doodle I guess. I actually miss seeing this kind of drawing so I was inspired! 🙂

I can see some shades of PINK in this one XD. Up for my list also is a Diana +F. I was about to buy a month ago but it was in blue, guess that wasn’t meant for me. This time I’m going to buy definitely.

She’s fine. I just want a new pair (still Toxix). A new color! Pink and Black. XD I also want to try those Beats probably after this one. This baby is fabulous.
Just so you know I want this not because everyone’s after it. I just want a planner because I never had one and it just so happen its a Starbucks that I want LOL. reasons I don’t need coupons. It will actually cost you much if you do that! I’d rather order online 🙂

This is a dream I would never have (as of now). I wish I could go see her in her upcoming concert in Araneta next year (February). I’m such a loser =_=. I always self-proclaim that I AM A BIG FAN of AVRIL but I can’t even go in a single concert she had here in Philippines. LOSER.

I miss all the frills, laces, ribbons, roses and a like. So I am promising myself next year that I will be once again active in Lolita.

And lastly, reconnecting with my grade school friends. Those were the innocent days ^_^. I’m glad we will have a reunion this coming December 23 so I’m really looking forward to it.
P.S: I am not a pervert. I just don’t remember why on earth my hands end up in Keithleene’s thighs!! 😀
So as to summarize everything:
1. Coraline Doll
2. Pink Pentax (K-r)
3. Pink Diana +F
4. New Toxix Headphones (Pink | Black)
5. Attend Avril Lavigne’s Concert next year
6. Starbucks Planner
7. Be more active in Lolita next year
8. Reconnect/get in touch with grade school friends

9. Good Health for Mama and Papa
10. Hope everything listed in here will come true!

Chill everyone. Lets hope for a blessed and fruitful 2012. Cheers.
What’s your wishlist?

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