Photography: Team BanKai

So I personally picked these two as my subjects for my very first formal yet still “test” shoot. I do not feel comfortable yet having human subjects and doing it outdoor makes it worse. Forgive me for I am still a “noob” and I am trying to learn from my mistakes and imperfections.

We did our mini shoot in SM Megamall, during those moments when the guards are still having their daily morning briefing.(⌒-⌒ )v
I was really happy for the good weather, the sun was on its brightest and the wind was calm like its whispering to me that, “Its alright don’t be scared, just point and shoot.” Haha

The friendly blueeee sky. I felt like swimming on it XD.

Tried to test different settings.
Unexpectedly. They brought a Token of appreciation (so they say) for me. (°◇°人°◇°) Sweet. Shades not included 🙂

And the boys and their make-up. Ban said this shoot was a bit awkward because it was plain compared to Cosplay. Since in cosplay, models/subjects wear super extra thick make-up (mostly) while in what were about to do, its just “Plain”.

A lot of things are to be considered for a fashion shoot, as for a first timer like me I cannot say much. Everything shared here is just from what I have experienced personally (and recently).

Venues. I believe this one has a very big impact in the outcome of the shoot. For now, we didn’t have much time to prepare for our location so we decided to use the most nearest and less hassle option which is useful for first timers. I just hope that after this we can level up a little bit.
Outfits. Of course, since its a fashion shoot, outfits are very important. I think the subject’s clothes would also differ to the location, set-up, themes etc. Site for example, it would look off if your subjects are in bright, dreamy clothing then the venue is something that the sun seems to neglect. But still, if you’re a pro I’m sure you can work your way out.
Subjects. The explanation is very “subjective”I guess. Any human will do. Cooperation/communication between the photographer and subject is important. Its a 2 way process. You have to connect with your subject and vice versa. Its not always like the photographer should do the working, from time to time let your subject fly on its own. Two heads are better that one so as they’d say.
Stance. Some would categorize this as a minor thing in photography but as for me its a big deal. I do cosplay as well and its really hard to think and process different stances in an instant especially if you still feel shy in front of the camera. Its awkward that the outcome becomes awkward as well. I am personally having problems with this factor but been trying to work on that.
Angles. Okey I suck at this. For a first timer like me, well I can pass with reasons 。◕‿◕。. I can’t get hold of the right angles for the right poses and I am sorry for that BanKai ( ̄个 ̄). Been reading tutorials and books, hopefully everything will sink in. LOL
Camera. No this is not to be considered. I just wrote it here because I want to share something.ヽ(^。^)丿It doesn’t matter what you use. DSLR’s, Film SLR, Digital Camera, Cellphones or whatever. This is something I’ve learned from a friend who’s into photography as well. I think if you are reading this you might have a hint of who I’m talking about. And yes its you.(^ω^)But okey there is one exception to this one, unless if you’re really into professional photography then you are indeed in need of a decent one other than that you’re good to go with whatever you have. Just widen your imagination and explore creativity (and I am one of those, exploring and discovering).

And the rest is about editing which is another story and lets pass on that. (´ω`★)

So we had a few walks around the mall grounds searching for spots with “our” cart.
Funny how I’d make them to halt and pose whenever I feel like it. XD

About the exposures and lightings, I don’t know much about those yet so I’m just playing with it for a while.sigh

I have this habit of checking the background first, and if its fine that’s when I ask my subject to step in.
Playing with the traffic cones.



Look at the shades.

Thank You again Team BanKai. Hope to work with you guys again. Lets do our best next time.
It’ll be New Year in a few days. Stay safe and have fun everyone.
Finished this post at 1:30am ヽ(´▽`)ノ. Goodnight.


9 thoughts on “Photography: Team BanKai

  1. Nice read, Yuu! 🙂 It was pleasant to work with you. I R SORRY if I was a little bit shy with the camera. My real self/less make up = horrible.

    HELLOOOOO! It doesn't look bad at all. I find it niceeeee specially the colors. I love those back shots that you did (like pushing the cart, our bags etc.)

    You're right, it's a learning process for both sides. Let's do our best next time.

    How about a Japanese themed (lolita/harajuku-ish) shoot near L'Kaisei?

    Have a great new year Yuu! I'll link this to my Tumblr/Twitter laterrrr. ❤

  2. Hi there! (Stumbled upon your site from FB, heheh).

    I like looking at the photos; I like how sharp each subject came out, and the vividness of the colors of the background pops out. 🙂 They fade into blur (or bokeh), but still prettyyyyy!

    Don't be discouraged if you feel like you didn't do good. I've always been told that practice is the key. But looking through your works, I believe they're perfect. 🙂 Just keep on shooting! Keep up the good work, and more power!

  3. Oh my *tears* Thank yuu Aruki 🙂 I really need some encouragements because I'm the type who has a low self confidence in whatever I do but still trying hard though 🙂

    I will surely keeeep on pointing and shooting XDDD

    Advance Happy New Year └(^o^ )X( ^o^)┘

  4. These are nice! Personally I find it easier to shoot cosplayers for fashion shoots, because they're used to doing different poses and stuff that I need them to do. Only, I choose models fitting for what I want because some tend to have faces that aren't right for the theme.

    Meaning, if I want models for gothic themes, I wouldn't go for my super cute chibi friends because they'll make it look too sweet, lol! xD

    Only thing I'll have to say for now I think is to watch the feet. You don't want to crop the feet out, or else they'll look kinda awkward. But yeah, these are nice! :3

  5. ^____^ Thank You for the advice I really really need one (and more) since I'm only starting now 🙂 I will work on that next time 😀 and I want to experiment as well *O*

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