Rilakkuma : Of Scissors and Scrunchies

Hello October.

And its Masskara month here in Bacolod! I can feel it nooow in every corner of the city. 😀 It is one of the most (or my most) awaited events in town because it’s just a happy festival. Anyways moving on..

There’s no better idea than starting your month with here’s what I got for the opening of the week of October.


I am so happy that I was (finally) able to get my hands on these scissors. I have been hunting them for quite a while ever since I started collecting the lazy bear. I found them and the ponytails as well in Ruten with the help of a friend who happened to be doing a proxy service in the said online shop.

DSC_0451 DSC_0452 DSC_0453

I want to use the ponytails lol but IDK I don’t want to ruin them (or rather the garter)

(and woah EARTHQUAKE! Seriously right at this moment..but I’m still blogging anyway so)

DSC_0454 DSC_0458 DSC_0463 DSC_0467

awww this cute dude just makes me wanna hug him always (。・//ε//・。)

Everything about this scissors is too perfect. haha how I badly wish I had this stuffs when I was still in school huhuhu WHY WHY

DSC_0471 DSC_0472 DSC_0476DSC_0475

My pick photo of the loot.. so cute Kuma with no ears (●´∀`)ノ♡ It’s really cool how they designed this where the whole body is like a scissor holder. Safe and adorable. And it’s quite sharp, this is what I used to cut the plastic in the SailorMoon pvc (1st photo above).

Well that’s it for the Rilakkuma loot and I will post another one for the SailorMoon. There’s a lot of new kawaii series  and my personal favorite and will totally get my hands on is the Kitty one. Its just too cute. And expensive lol.

See ya again in a while. (*screams "Moon Prism MAKE UP !!)

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