Rilakkuma : Of Scissors and Scrunchies

Hello October.

And its Masskara month here in Bacolod! I can feel it nooow in every corner of the city. 😀 It is one of the most (or my most) awaited events in town because it’s just a happy festival. Anyways moving on..

There’s no better idea than starting your month with here’s what I got for the opening of the week of October.

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Rilakkuma : Of Sweets and Chocolate Treat

Yo internet. Its been forever. A lot has been going on of course and too much to post but I have been slacking off like a boss HAHA . And as a start for my 2014 blog (which is totally LATE ) lets have some spam photos of sweeeet treats especially for Kuma lovers.

My Huge Yochan enjoying her presents “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”  By the way this is the Soft Vinyl Yotsuba figure and she’s quite huge.


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Rilakkuma : Of Ceramics and Broken Collection


A few hours ago while blogging abot Seto Sun the electricity went out like I said. Good thing I was working on my laptop and was using broadband stick that time. I thought that was it for today but something happened far worse than that. I may be exxagerating but this happened to me so many times already I just dont know what to do anymore?


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