Nendoroid : Koizumi Hanayo Love Live! School Idol Project (Good Smile Company)

Love Live spotlight for back to school celebration! Though the school life doesn’t really concern me anymore XDDSC_0093
My post gaps are getting wider bit by bit..and I just hope that I can still catch up with the important and latest stuffs. Anyways without further ado let us go straight to Hanayo!DSC_0067DSC_0068Her extra faceplate is too adorable! Really does the character because Hanayo is probably the shyest among the group. Also she has the brightest eyes of all the girls..for me though. Purple eyes perfectly suits her! However I was looking forward for a glasses accessory (though she also wears contacts especially during performance), guess that’s too much too ask for >.<..but that would have been kinda cool somehow 😦DSC_0063My favorite among them so far in terms of their upper outfit is Eli oneesan…but Hanayo’s ribbon is also cute though too plain to look at.DSC_0069She is best friends with Rin, and both of them have skimpy haircuts!DSC_0064Now lets take a little detour in Hanayo’s room! (Or more likely, her room in my mind XD )DSC_0091The sweet shy girl giving us a warm welcome~ DSC_0082Hanayo is fond of drawing and making origami’s on her free time. So I just kinda scattered some art tools around the room.DSC_0076“Im Koizumi Hanayo!”

Ironically speaking, Hanayo is maybe too shy at times but she’s actually optimistic in being an Idol to the point that it eventually turned into a dream for her.DSC_0075“You’re so cute that I want to hug you to death!”DSC_0079“Help me!”

(Kotori btw visited Hanayo and brought a new costume for her to wear in their next performance! And despite Hanayo’s epic struggle to not wear whatever that costume was… it was inevitable)DSC_0081“This is so embarrassing”

Oh well, you actually look adorable Kayochiiin~~DSC_0085And yes that ends my Hanayo chapter. Finally the juicy girls are incoming *cough* if you know what I mean *cough* So 6 down and at last the final 3 for the Love Live nendoroid series ^_^ So yeah, hope you enjoyed the cute timid Hanayo~ that’s all of it for now guys. Goodluck and enjoy the first week of school! 🙂DSC_0058。。。

What’s up next~~!DSC_0058“My tosser is finally here!”




3 thoughts on “Nendoroid : Koizumi Hanayo Love Live! School Idol Project (Good Smile Company)

  1. Wow before we were like ” omg there’s like 9 of them to collect” but now only 3 left! Surely time is fast lol. Hanayo is so cute though loved that embarrassed fp ❤️

    1. I love that FP of her too! Unfortunately …Love Live collectors will say that line once more lol. There’s gonna be a new bunch of 9 sets wohoooo practice version LOL like OMFG =_= huhuhu srsly they are killing us >.<


      1. I was JUST getting ready to send you that picture, LOL! I’m definitely cancelling my preorder for the original Maki; I just love this design much more. I plan on spending $110-ish on this new series alone (four of the girls) >_< I feel bad for the people who had enough money to buy ALL of them; I doubt GSC honestly cares =P They could release ten series and people would gladly buy them.

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