Nendoroid : Kageyama Tobio ~Haikyuu!!~ (Good Smile Company)

Hooray for the King of the Court! Finally our tsundere tosser on the spotlight~DSC_0122DSC_0121Well, I did say in Hinata’s nendoroid post before that I’ll try to make a diorama when Tobio comes and yeah… I swear I tried however my cities supply has always been insufficient with materials I needed the most. So I made a really crappy one 😦 Anyways, lets go and see what Tobio has to show us 🙂DSC_0061DSC_0062The accessories are basically the same with Hinata…The floor of the court..which you can combine now with Hinata’s and make a whole new set.

DSC_0074Net parts.DSC_0076Volleyball(s). The set comes with one ball only. Of course.DSC_0083Quick Toss effect. Which I don’t find necessary to be honest. I was never a fan of effects accessories.DSC_0118And his tsundere’s crown but why no cape? XD Others include the usual faceplates, arms and legs.DSC_0082So we are done with the accessories and now moving on with the poses and sorts. I’ve pretty much expressed already my fandom with Haikyuu in the first nendoroid I blogged and up until now my anticipation with its second season has not faltered.DSC_0066

Now here are some scenes that I like the most.

DSC_0090❝ I won’t apologize anymore. I won’t throw any more tosses that I have to apologize for.❞DSC_0096❝ Look.  Watch.  Where are the blockers?  Where is the ball?  Where is the spiker?  How will he move next?  Where will he jump?  Where will his max jump occur?  Now!!!  At this angle!!  This timing!  This setup!  It’s perfect!!! ❞

⇧ My favorite in the photo sets and the anime also. This is where I was totally awed with Tobio’s accuracy with tossing. I know Hinata was also awesome in his own ways by putting up a good timing and a 101% trust to spike that insane toss but come on, tossing to a specific area plus estimating the height and power of toss. Where in your spiker might not even know you are tossing in that area at the first place.

DSC_0095❝ Being the best decoy ever is as cool as being the ace ❞DSC_0085❝ NO ONE WAS THERE. We had a few mistakes that day, but the last one was no mistake.❞DSC_0072

❝  You don’t win alone. That’s just how it is.❞

The price of King of the Court title. Overwhelming yet sad. You may be the best player out there, but playing alone is nothing more than being a loser.DSC_0108❝  The only ones who will remain on the court are the strong. ❞
DSC_0100❝  In that case, you have no reason to be nervous anymore! 

When a sports themed anime suddenly turned horror, and probably Hinata’s scariest  experience is his entire existence (so far).DSC_0104Yehey and we are done with my short Haikyuu review. I need my Nishinoya-senpai’s rolling thunder next!!! So until then guys see ya and hoping for the second season to come faster 🙂 Have a great weekend by the way!image1 (1)DSC_0101。。。


3 thoughts on “Nendoroid : Kageyama Tobio ~Haikyuu!!~ (Good Smile Company)

  1. Hi! I was just wondering how u got that Haikyuu volleyball background? ITS AMAZING! Did u buy it? Make it? Its so cool!
    Email me back with my email

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