Cosplay: Yusuke Urameshi (Yuyu Hakusho)

Another cosplay this month~ 😀
Now let me introduce to you one of my best and still adored childhood anime, YuYu Hakusho but more commonly known as Ghost Fighter~!!  (with Hiei as my crush !! )
Here once again is Von cosplaying as Yusuke Urameshi  (Eugene in English Version) with his self made Pu (that little blue creature which is Eugene’s spirit beast in the anime) 🙂 How cute ~!!
Photo and Processing by:  Me
So there you go 😀 This album is only the first of the 3 that we made this day. Can’t believe it but this was my most tiring shoot so far. With 3 different themes and so many subject 😐 But other than that it was a total fun with all the rolling again and having the opportunity to shoot the super kawaii dog of Jadey, Lacey cosplaying as Maru (Pedro Martinez) XD.
I don’t regret all the exhaustion I’m feeling right now (I am very very sleepy actually while blogging this) because I get to have lots of variations today.
I admit I am by and by overcoming that “awkward” feeling with Jugatsu now (well since I am not used with new people around me I get to have those kind of feelings sometimes). And also because of these recent shoots we’re having together, I am getting to know each of them better !!
Well, I really thank you guys for inviting me (once more) 😀 My works are yet to improved in the future so just bear with it for the moment. I will try my best as well to satisfy your eyes (hoping).
Will upload the other 2 albums including some out takes in a few days. So stay tuned ~!!
See ya and goodnight. (○´エ`)

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