Whatnot Diary: A stray cat and Siomai

I am currently reading Hunger Games Trilogy and I am posting about cats~!!
I cant help but remember Katniss the Catnip on this post :D~

Hello there blog, how have you been these days?
Me? Well, I had a lot of adventures lately. Just recently I fell off a JEEP because the driver started driving again not knowing that I was still getting off. That was embarrassing. And to be honest, I was more preoccupied and worried by the thought that it was humiliating for there are a lot of people around rather than the minor injuries I had but later on I felt that it was painful and shivered that I could have gotten worst than that D: I went out that day just to buy some siomai and I ended up rolling on the ground. щ(゜ロ゜щ)
Well at least after that, on my way to siomai world I saw a shop selling cute stuffs and found a passport case 😀 Our travel buddy deserves some good outfit as well.
The weather had been gloomy nonstop. Not rainy, just dark skies and nimbus all over the place. Wish we could have a sunny weekend for the shoot, but rain or shine we’ll go anyways unless if it storms.  (°ヘ°)
My cat on the other hand seems to be fond of jumping off me everywhere. He’s a stray cat BTW. He was just outside our house before until he finally let himself be adopted without our consent.

On some side story:  I am selling my Nikon F55 or N55 in other countries. For the descriptions, other details and if you are interested CLICK HERE. It’s listed on my eBay.

This wasn’t such a bad week right?  Not mention my other issue which is far more WORST than falling off a public utility jeep with lotsa eyes around.
And speaking of Valentines, I had nothing to post since nothing happened on that occasion LOL.  The 24 hours went on just like any other normal days :D.
Used my Canon 300D for these photos for the first time (except for the first 2 cat pic and the formidable siomai as it is from my camera phone~!!) Just sayin’ XD  It might be an old model but it still has great photo qualities and I love it ~!

Well then see ya around. I am currently preparing for my second Mori post and probably with me this time showing off my very own interpretation of Mori lifestyle.(́◉◞౪◟◉‵)


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