Photo Diary: JugatZen Shoot Outttakes

Outtakes from our 3-part shoot yesterday with Jugatsu and my own team Hitsuzen.  Tiring but fun.  I was challenge to do 3 different themes, Rock, Cosplay and Mori. I do hope for more of course because I will never get tired of this ~!!
Watched episode 1 of the very first SENTAI in history and OH MY its so vintage 🙂 Gonin Sorote ! Goreenjaaaa !!   (copied form Vench).

On some side story: Have you seen a real BIRDS NEST? I bet you haven’t.  Trust me. (refer to the 8th picture starting from below)

I hope they will like whatever comes out. D:  I’m still editing most of the photos so expect it to be posted around Wednesday or Thursday ~!!
We didn’t have much time for proper Mori so we’re planning to continue it some other time 🙂 and I would love to jooooin by that time  ~!
And crosses finger for that additional lens I am saving up for now. Gotta prepare for better photos.
Yosh, till next shooot.


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