Stationery : SM Stationery Hauls

Happy Halloween! Just before October ends I wanna share this mini stationery haul I had in SM a few weeks ago.


First I found these folders that I can use as a storage for my sticker!

I also bought a new sets of Sakura Micron. I have been loving this pen ever since I started using it 2 years ago. It does not bleed in Hobonichi as well so its just perfect. I got the one in plastic nib this time because I find it sturdier.

And these are few of the stickers I hoarded 😅 Mostly of them were on sale so I felt really lucky that day. 🙏🏼☺️


My favorite of them all 💜


I love it when there is a lot of sheets in one pack, like that cat sticker set. (Far right)

So that’s all of it for my mini SM Stationery Haul 😋. I’m really hoping to be more active here. Lately I have been very busy with my youtube channel sooooo it takes mostly of my time 😭😅. Anyways thank you as always and see you in November 😘💜


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