Doodles : Dota 2 Chibi | Crystal Maiden [Rylai]

You’ll make a nice snow angel~


It’s been a long long while since I had an art post. Last time I had Lina and now here is Rylai her sister and actually my favorite support hero in Dota 2 ^_^


Despite the recent updates (7.20) in Dota 2, making her Frost Bite a bit useless in stopping TP’s now, for me Rylai is still a total package support and a very good one!


My shadings are still a disaster of course but I think its also getting better than before. I still can’t get the hang of Copics because to be honest I’m not practicing it religiously 😞


However I must say that I am still quite happy with the results 😅

Anyways see ya in my next post 🤗





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