Stationery : Mommy Jet Little Japan Haul (Batch 1)

image1 (ss1)

Got some new hauls for my Journal and it’s all from a shop called Mommy Jet Little Japan. *excuse my creepy nails**cough*


image1 (1)

Poo is my 2nd Hobonichi Cover and I am so ready for my July-December Avec ^_^

Although I don’t usually use ruler with my lines even in my Bullet Journal but just in case you know so I had this XD

image2 (2)

A pencil board just because lul.


And my favorite part! The Sarasa Pens!

I got this Milky Pastel Version, although they are a bit hard to write and if you want more volume then you have to really press on them and double write.image3 (1)

These Rilakkuma Sarasa pens are my most favorite of all Pens I hoarded so far. Not only because they are of “Rilakkuma” design but they’re so satisfying to write with. It doesn’t smudge or bleed!



And lastly of the haul although it’s not from the same shop are these cutipie Washi and Fabric tapes!

image1 (3)

Anyways that’s all of it for today’s haul. Happy Journaling guys. Let’s make more fun (and even the not so fun is welcome) memories this May.



またね !!!

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