Rilakkuma : Korilakkuma Vacation Series 2018 Stationery Haul + Random Washi Tapes

Hello there, today I am back with another mini stationery haul. BLOG

Lets start off with my random washi tapes I got mostly from Instagram Shops.


I’m super loving these blue waves and spiral.


And now for the Korilakkuma Vacation Series, I only got the stationery ones because I’m not really interested with the plushies. So these are the cute medium and small memo pads which is good for my Journal designs and note taking as well.


And my favorite item as always, the washi collection!

It’s so lovely up close and I love the designs

Swatches !

Other than the stationeries I also got a new case for my phone 😅

You may rest now my old one xD

And that’s all of my hauls for the meantime. These are actually from my PH buys that was brought in by my room mate who just came back from her vacation. I still have lots of purchases that has been stocked in my room in Philippines and I cannot wait to unbox and use them all when I go home (which is soon!)

Anyways thank you for your time and until next haul. ☺️



またね !!!

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