Chibi-Arts : One Piece Shirahoshi & Megalo (Bandai)

“Luffy-sama will you really take me out of this place ?”DSC_0534

I have an “intense” crush” for anime mermaids..I don’t know why but I just totally love everything about them and our dear cry baby Fish Island Princess is one of them of course. And so today she will be on my spotlight ! And I’m sorry for my beaten up box lol since I already have her like a year ago.DSC_0536 DSC_0538 DSC_0539DSC_0541DSC_0569She comes with an extra worried face plate and arms, a wide base, support stand, a sea bottom background (cardboard), 4 speech bubbles in kawaii colors, and Megalo her adorable shark buddy.DSC_0542The base is not necessarily needed in my opinion because she can perfectly balance on her own and also with the help of her arms..the way it was positioned. Though I hope in the future that Bandai could at least be more creative with their bases especially to characters who have significant features. Like say with Shirahoshi, since she is a mermaid and a princess at the same time, they could have at least make use of  Giant clam shell as base or whatever sea related things that could make the figure more cute and attractive.clam-shell
DSC_0550DSC_0554But here’s the thing when you don’t put her on the base..she will obviously accumulate all the dirt in whatever surface you place her. But since it’s easy to clean up pvc dust so we don’t have to worry much actually.

Now onto her paint job. Well what can I say.. there have been a lot of complaints as far as I’m concerned. Shirahoshi could use a better paint job over all especially with the gradients in her hair because the princess has a gorgeous hair I must say, also with her tail and skin. A lot of staining are quite noticeable. But since it’s Chibi Arts.. maybe we really can’t expect much.DSC_0574DSC_0551 DSC_0552DSC_0548DSC_0553DSC_0546Moving on with her face… a closer look on it. Well her face plates so far seems to be in a brighter side of the job painting. I love the colors on her eyes and the blushes on both face plates. Even the worried expressions is just d’awwww. . .DSC_0573DSC_0549DSC_0544See some stainings on her arm and belly .. ( ゚д゚)

Now looking into Megalo the kawaii shark  who wears a red tee with a star drawing. Even Megalo has some paint job issues with his teeth and gums most especially.DSC_0555 DSC_0556And they look perfectly cute together ..Megalo fits snugly under her arm。:゚*+;(●´・д・`●);+*゚:。DSC_0557DSC_0564

The colorful speech bubbles which I need someone to translate it for me. Anyone please :;(∩´﹏`∩);:

. . .

Update on the translations~~ Thank You Gangrelion and someone from reddit for helping out, check out the comment box~!

Light Pink : “I’m called Shirahoshi”

Dark Blue : ” You’re not my type”

Dark Pink : “Luffy-sama!”

Light Blue : “Please Megalo” or “I’m counting on you Megalo”DSC_0568DSC_0567DSC_0572What are you saying princess ??? ! Σ(゚д゚lll)DSC_0576Megalo stares into her troubled face! But No worries Luffy comes to the rescue whatever the problem is with his.. meat ? .. and Megalo seems to be after it lol (。´╹A╹`。)DSC_0579Chibi Shirahoshi versus Giant Shirahoshi ! DSC_0580DSC_0582DSC_0583Chibi Shirahoshi is hyped and inspired into working hard on growing up just like that.. a full grown beautiful Mermaid !

. . .

Now overall I think this Chibi Arts is still cute despite the issues with the paint job and stainings. It’s not like an uncommon problems with PVC anyways. Though for a “Chibi” version this one is quite huge in terms of displaying her with the other Chibis but it’s a minor thing so we can just set aside that. And also Chibi Arts head is interchangeable with GSC Nendoroids so you will have a Mermaid version of everyone! So I’d conclude that I am still happy with this figure and I hope you like her too ! 🙂DSC_0570Till next post again guys and thank you for today ~~ Bye bye (๑´•ω • `๑)


4 thoughts on “Chibi-Arts : One Piece Shirahoshi & Megalo (Bandai)

  1. Shirahoshi in a chibi version? how ironic! This was released one year ago? Time sure flies!
    Let’s see…the pink speech bubble says: “I’m called Shirahoshi”. The dark blue one is: “You’re not my type” (which means Luffy is offering meat for her while he declares he will become the pirate king, and she answers by saying he’s not her type…so cruel, Shirahoshi!). The dark pink speech bubble says: LUFFY-SAMA! (that one was easy). Finally, the light blue one says: “Please, Megalo” or “I’m counting on you, Megalo!” (Megalo is really cute, BTW).
    Nice chibi Shirahoshi, but since I’m not a big fan of SDs, that giant Shirahoshi looks much cooler and cuter to me!

    1. Definitely time flies really fast! I have a habit of just randomly picking figures in my shelf and blog them when I feel like it..anyways thank you very much for the translations .. The speech bubble with Luffy went well with the story I guess (though in a cruel way? haha) ..The scaled Shirahoshi is absolutely amazing and she’s one of my favorite figures~!

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