Q Posket : Perona and Shirahoshi (Banpresto)

Probably the cutest brand of SD’s around as of now.DSC_0657 Presenting this unique SD figures of One Piece girls Ghost Princess Perona and Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi. I hope they make more of these! They don’t look creepy at all even if with those huge eyes (beacause there will always be SOMEONE who will think so) Their eyes looks similarly with Blythe Dolls though I seriously think Blythe eyes looks creepy thus I don’t like that doll at all. Zettai !DSC_0659DSC_0660Now let us start off with my favorite girl in One Piece, Ghost Princess Perona “horahorahora”DSC_0661DSC_0663Why I like her? An obvious answer is because her character was inspired from Gothic Lolita fashion which is my kind of style that’s why I feel so attached to her. I love her main outfit in the anime and also the one in PS Vita’s One Piece Pirate Warriors  game. Everything about her costume are amazeballs.DSC_0664DSC_0669DSC_0668DSC_0671DSC_0672The violet thing supports her umbrella and nape. Great detailing on her clothes and the buckled boots!DSC_0670Also another thing that I like very much in Perona is her lovely pink hair ! It has a glossy finish and feels to it. On top of that it also suits her personality so well as a Gothic ghost princess. I’ve seen some awesome cosplayers and the hair is definitely an attraction!DSC_0676Beautifully defined face and her deadly red lips!

. . .

Next in line is The Fishman Princess, Shirahoshi!DSC_0679DSC_0680 DSC_0681Well I know I’ll be biased because I prefer Perona over Shirahoshi..but the Mermaid Princess is also cute in her own way. She always has this innocent and kind vibe which makes you love her no matter what!DSC_0687DSC_0689DSC_0685DSC_0684DSC_0690I totally adore her details, the pearls, her yellow top and most especially the fishtail.. it’s precise and excellently painted! This is way better than Chibi Art’s, that’s why I’m really hoping Banpresto to make more of these Qposket ONEGAAAI Senpai !DSC_0682DSC_0683They also did a good job with her hair. I mentioned in my Chibi Arts post that I love her hair and on this version they did not fail to amaze me.DSC_0693D’awww those blushes makes her so cute Imma squish you Shirahoshi~~ (‘∀’●)♡

Well guys what do you think ? Do these princesses deserve some love? 🙂
DSC_0666DSC_0692Cuteness overload I can’t even .. anyways I think that’s all of it! I hope you like them too!DSC_0694




7 thoughts on “Q Posket : Perona and Shirahoshi (Banpresto)

  1. I didn’t know these SD’s existed! Super cute with those huge eyes! O_O There’s no Nami or Robin-Schwannn ? 😦

    1. Unfortunately these 2 are the only ones available as of now 😭 though it would be great to have more characters right I hope so that they’ll make more of these sets. 😁

    1. I took a picture for you to see it on the spot alongside with a nendoroid ^_^

      I bought in a random Japanese shop in Ebay early last year XD Totally cute hehe ..wish they would make more 😦

  2. Love love love Q Posket! I haven’t even bought one and I already love them hahaha These two are so cute and well made for their price! And they’re much larger than Nendos, just to put everything in perspective ❤ Now I really want to get them!

    1. Totally agree with you. I hope they make mooooooore from this line. Its super cute. There’s a Sailor Moon coming up though so gonna be so looking forward to that one 🙂

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