Doodles : My Shoujo ~ Mitty

Hello everyone. Well saying it has been a long time is such an understatement XD. Anyways I am far from returning to my usual blog contents but I hope soon though o(≧∇≦o).

So for the mean time here’s some garbage doodles for you unicorns.


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Kill la Kill : Matoi Ryuuko ~Senketsu~ PM Figure (SEGA)

What a rough week. How is it going on your side guys? Its almost Christmas in a few weeks though we haven’t displayed a single yuletide decor (yet). And btw I just felt like blogging today because I run out of cookies and LP in Love Live lolol. The game is pretty addicting XD though I am really weak with hand-eye coordination (/•ิ_•ิ)/. Well anyways today we will be looking into a Sega Prize Figure once again.DSC_0561 Continue reading