Whatnot Diaries : Cozy Cafe Afternoon

Or more like its evening actually :/

Hi hi again guys. We had an unplanned coffee bonding today and an unplanned figure shoot as well but eventually I wasn’t able to finish everything because it was already late and got too dark and ..of course I hate flash lights.

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Ranka Lee Ichiban Kuji Premium Figure Macross F TV series Blu-ray BOX Launch (Banpresto)

Hello guys! How’s everything going on? Masskara is fast approaching here in Bacolod (or actually today is the first day of main events) and it’s been raining hard everyday so I don’t know, we might have a wet (and wild) festival this year. Though I hope it’ll be sunny even just on the highlights.

Moving on with the post today is another Ranka Lee figure showcasing. I believe this is my most elegant and sophisticated looking Ranka figure that I own.

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