One Piece : Perona ~Negative Hollow~ Excellent Model Portrait Of Pirates “Sailing Again” 1/8 Time Skip version (MegaHouse)

Hello minna! I know, it’s been ages since the last time I posted figures like this. I’ve been very inactive for the past 2 years. Living abroad wasn’t so bad but I just lost the inspiration to blog. I hope 2018 will be a good restart again 〔´∇`〕. Anyways here is one of my waifu in all her glory,  Perona the Ghost Princess.


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figma : Seto Sun ~Seto no Hanayome~ (Max Factory)

Who wants a mermaid and a yakuza for a girlfriend ? 🙂 I would if I were a boy lol.

I’ve been eyeing this figma for quite sometime already I just didn’t get the chance to purchase it sooner, but as they say its better late than never. I think I have a slight fetish for mermaids uh-uh >.< , I have a crush on Camie and Shirahoshi (One Piece) and this dearie is a non exception.

Presenting my Seto Sun ! All wrapped in one. A cute tsun-tsun high school mermaid not to mention that she came from a undersea Yakuza family. Now that’s for a bad-ass girlfriend 🙂

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Nendoroid : Senjougahara Hitagi ~Bakemonogatari~ Premium Box Editon (Good Smile Company)

Finally after years of laziness and inactivity in blogging I am BACK ! haha Not much for intros or whatever lets get into business. Today I will be showcasing my Hitagi Nendoroid which arrived  yesterday. I actually had a hard time retaking all pictures that was supposed to be posted here -_- MY MEMORY CARD got corrupted and I had no choice but to reformat the damn thing :)) and what else I got ? AN EMPTY card fuuu !! I haven’t even posted the pictures from my friends wedding that was like 2 years ago 😦 MOVING ON . ..

Hitagi-chuuu staring at her huge Premium Box.DSC_0009

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Photography: Team BanKai

So I personally picked these two as my subjects for my very first formal yet still “test” shoot. I do not feel comfortable yet having human subjects and doing it outdoor makes it worse. Forgive me for I am still a “noob” and I am trying to learn from my mistakes and imperfections.

We did our mini shoot in SM Megamall, during those moments when the guards are still having their daily morning briefing.(⌒-⌒ )v
I was really happy for the good weather, the sun was on its brightest and the wind was calm like its whispering to me that, “Its alright don’t be scared, just point and shoot.” Haha

The friendly blueeee sky. I felt like swimming on it XD.

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