Photo Diary: Durarara Outtakes + NGC 16

Recently changed my blog title (AGAIN) but I swear this will be the last last laaaaast time. I have finally decided to stick my nose with this one.  Shippai no Mogatari.  Not so original but that’s what I can describe most of the happenings in my life.  I’m not being sentimental or something, its just the truth. Though I will not elaborate on the issue, its actually boring. For those who know me well, you will understand why. 🙂 But nonetheless, the negativity of my blog title will NOT showcase what it means literally. As a matter of fact, its the other way round. I’m pulling off the stronger me through those negative experiences.
Now here goes a random photoblog of what happened to me these past days. ( ≖‿≖)

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Whatnot Diary: Downtown Thursday

First post for February 😀 and I kinda miss posting like this, just the “whatever happened this day stuffs”. I have been posting non-stop and recently about photoshoots and travels!! Its too serious this blog needs some dose of fun and colors~ and love :O

Dear Month of Love, Month of Hearts or whatever you call it. Give me and my boys some good time okay? And you know exactly what I want~ No. Not a date (doh). XD
Now, starting off this month with a bunch of my whatnot’s. I went out unplanned and ended up spending too much. D: Bought a lot of food, and when I say a lot. IT’S A LOT. My impulsiveness has taken over me once again :(. First time I tried swiping my savings account and it failed me big time 🙂 Oh well. I was exposed to X-ray today. Yes, literally the machine where you get to see your lungs. I needed it for my green card (K. Will skip on that part).

Glutton is glutton. Bought 6 pieces @_@ and it really pays to read D: I didn’t know there were drinks for each got to have 6 sodas as well ;_; LOL. #stupidisstupid. But despite having 6 drinks already I still bought Nescafe Freeze ahahaha~ 😀 Awesome caffeine is awesome~

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Analog Diary: Through the Years

That moment when I press and hear the shutter sound, the feeling is irreplaceable.”

Okey. So I finally decided to buy a Polaroid and yes I am one of those analog enthusiast out there. I support the  SAVE THE Polaroid PROJECT. I still appreciate those eras where digital is not the main stream. And one more thing I’d like to try in the future is having my own dark room (which is impossible as of the moment due to lack of “proper” space in our home). I want to try those stuffs I only see in the movies. I was also thrilled by the idea of filling a portion of my wall with all those Polaroid shots I will be taking! Yay I am in euphoria!

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