Hello there! It’s always been a while for me here. The inactivity of this blog is very inevitable but hey at least I still got to post once in a blue moon yeah XD

Anyways, here’s another Holiday Challenge prompts from our Kawaii Journaling Group. The last Holiday Challenge I did was in 2018 and I kinda miss doing this things actually. I also did not make some of the prompts because I find it a bit redundant to do the same exact prompts from old challenges, not that I hate it’s just me not really wanting to repeat same prompts XD. Such as the Christmas Tree, Snowman, and Holiday Decoration Art page, also the Holiday Traditions in my Country. For the Holiday Childhood memory, unfortunately I don’t have any clear memory of my childhood as far as I know because we were never a celebrant at the first place…even up until now :).

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