Whatnot Diaries : Cozy Cafe Afternoon

Or more like its evening actually :/

Hi hi again guys. We had an unplanned coffee bonding today and an unplanned figure shoot as well but eventually I wasn’t able to finish everything because it was already late and got too dark and ..of course I hate flash lights.

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Rilakkuma : Cupcake 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

I’m not a fan of puzzles unless its Kuma or something related to anime maybe 😉 Because of the arrival of my tables yesterday I had an unplanned general cleaning in my room just to have the tables a nice, clean, comfortable place to live with LOL . . and my first activity with my dear table is this 3D Jigsaw Rilakkuma puzzle.


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Whatnot Diary: Downtown Thursday

First post for February 😀 and I kinda miss posting like this, just the “whatever happened this day stuffs”. I have been posting non-stop and recently about photoshoots and travels!! Its too serious this blog needs some dose of fun and colors~ and love :O

Dear Month of Love, Month of Hearts or whatever you call it. Give me and my boys some good time okay? And you know exactly what I want~ No. Not a date (doh). XD
Now, starting off this month with a bunch of my whatnot’s. I went out unplanned and ended up spending too much. D: Bought a lot of food, and when I say a lot. IT’S A LOT. My impulsiveness has taken over me once again :(. First time I tried swiping my savings account and it failed me big time 🙂 Oh well. I was exposed to X-ray today. Yes, literally the machine where you get to see your lungs. I needed it for my green card (K. Will skip on that part).

Glutton is glutton. Bought 6 pieces @_@ and it really pays to read D: I didn’t know there were drinks for each pizza..and..so..I got to have 6 sodas as well ;_; LOL. #stupidisstupid. But despite having 6 drinks already I still bought Nescafe Freeze ahahaha~ 😀 Awesome caffeine is awesome~

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Hitsuzen Diary: Saturday SPAM.

I barely had proper shots yesterday. I find it difficult to adjust in night mode settings. Most of the photos were blur or too dark. And its not inspiring.
Post processing was also a pain. The internet was in coma, hence my LR is lagging. Plus I was so tired probably because of the consecutive nocturnal activities I have been doing in the past weeks. I keep on falling asleep in the process. LOL. I tried getting aid from a cup of hot chocolate but it didn’t work at all and so I slept.
I was also very unhappy last night. My friend texted me that it was eclipse and insisted  that I should take a photo of it. I wanted but my parents were about to sleep and opening the rooftop doors were noisy so it will surely distract them. It did. I was scolded. 🙂

Now for the real story. Planning out of nowhere is always the best intervention for our group rather than planning it out thoroughly. First stop was Felicia’s, a very private looking cake shop. Inside feels just like at home with their cozy sofas and interiors. The food is fine except when they didn’t hear you well and you have to wait 10 years for your order. So advice is, SPEAK LOUDLY and CLEARLY. Bring megaphones if needed. 🙂
The lagging lightroom.

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Whatnot Diary: Sweets etc.

Last night I had a dream. But I forgot.

So this Cirque Internationale really gave a challenge to my height. I realized I will never have a chance of survival in a crowd of 5’4 and above. Its so depressing. I thought I could give it a shot today but I SUPER FAILED LIKE 10 times. (And I just accidentally pressed backspace while typing this and thank gad all the texts are still here when I backspaced again T_T..)
This day is so full of disappointments that excludes my frappe spilling like hurricane in the jeep but I do hope my picture spam won’t bore you O_O.

Yes the FRAPPE. That cake is Choco Banana by the way.

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