Miniature : Gaming Consoles (PSP, Nintendo etc)

So I’ve been stressing on my connection for 2 weeks already. My internet provider sucks so much they haven’t fixed my line yet !! Today’s generation without net is just so dreadful 😦

I have been simultaneously using my BRO Stick , Pocket Wifi , and Phone Tethering because for some reasons each has its own USE. I can ONLY BLOG using BRO Stick (like hello ?), play Dota and browse Facebook with Pocket WIFI calmly staying at 180-200 ping good enough for me to push towers HAHA -_- .This took me a while before discovering which one is for which 😥

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Review: Coraline. The Other "other”.

My favorite line, “The other mother”. When I woke this morning my eyes were buttons in peach shade.

Anyways, I wasn’t expecting the book to arrive till tomorrow but it did /lol. More surprisingly, my father was the one who delivered it to me personally O_o (which is a rare phenomenon you know. Very rare, like you find aliens sleeping under your bed..) … Now this is my Movie Collectors Edition of Coraline by Neil Gaiman.

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