Stationery : Little Twin Star ECONECO Trunk Case

Hi ya’ll! My post today is about this super cute illustrator collaboration trunk case I got like a month ago.


If you know me you know of course that I am a big fan of Rilakkuma but when I saw this Little Twin Star case it really got me interested! I think this was released around 2014-2015, I’m not quite sure but roughly around those years.

So it comes in with this box with a cute design as well.


This is how the actual trunk case looks like. Pretty much has similar design with the box that it came with. It’s made up of a well built and very thick cardboard that doesn’t get wet or deformed easily.


It’s so convenient because of the handle that you can actually bring it with you. It’s quite sturdy as well because I’ve tried it on with heavy things inside and the velcro holds very good.


When I first saw this on sale I initially thought of making this as one of my washi tape cases, and I am so glad that I did buy it! It’s perfect! Look how many it can accommodate~


Even this part of the trunk is very useful as you can insert here some stationery perhaps, or sticker sheets.


I’m actually going to bring this with me back to Riyadh. This is like going to be my stationery travel case. How cool is that?


Well then, see you in my next post πŸ™‚




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