Doodles : Dota 2 Chibi | Mirana


Mirana is one of my current favorite hero right now. Before I was scared to even try using her because I feared that I cannot hit my arrows. Although you’ll never really know unless you try 😅. Anyways, for now here’s another noob copic practice~



Now that I have been practicing this hero for a while, I realized how good Mirana actually is. I do not know for some of you out there who plays her as well, but I am using her as a pos 4 for most of the time and she’s very flexible. Mirana can transition from a full support in early game and go semi carry in late.


Well, its still awful right but I noticed that the streaks on this one is less compared to the one with Yuno (≧ヘ≦ ).The first picture was scanned and I edited a bit for cover photo purposes XD. Anyways..thank you for your time as always and see you in my next post.







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