#dreamjournaling2019challenge : Dare To Dream Challenge by Abbey Sy and Kaila

Hi there! Today’s post is about another journaling challenge that I joined last January called Dare To Dream by Abbey Sy and Kaila of Rainbowholic, 2 lovely ladies that inspired me to start my own journal journey.

Here are the list of prompts for the challenge :


“The aim for this one is to prepare one’s mental state through journaling and visualizing. Setting goals is really important if you want to achieve a certain dream within a period of time. It is more fun and motivating if you have fellow online friends / community members who do the same … and that is why Abbey & I teamed up so we can all inspire each other through creative journaling & sharing through social media.” (Taken from Kaila’s Patreon site)

So without further ado here are my spreads for the challenge! This time around I used my Hobonichi 2019 Avec~

📖 Prompt 1 : Title Page for the #dreamjournaling2019challenge

One of my main goals for 2019 is to have more artistic approach in my journals so I decided to do some doodles for the title page.


📖 Prompt 2 : My 2019 Journals


I have 6 active journals for this year ( I know it’s a lot 🤣). I am still planning to have an art and a monthly challenge journal as well so… xD

📒 Hobonichi A6 ( Avec) – Daily Memory Journal

📒 Hobonichi A5 (Cousin) – Personal Diary and Health Journal

📒 Bullet Journal – Trackers, Idea Dump , Main Goals, Wish List etc

📒 Schedule Book (Rilakkuma) – All sorts of appointments, schedules, and events

📒 Devotional Journal – Daily Bible Readings and Reflections

📒 Travel Journal (Riyadh) – My Life in Riyadh Record (highlights only)

📖 Prompt 3 : Mantra For The Year

I tried painting this time as my design and it’s also my first time painting this much in my Hobonichi. One thing that is really awesome about the Hobonichi is their paper (Tomoe River) as it can withstand watercolors.


📖 Prompt 4 : Top 5 Goals

I may have goals already in my Bullet Journal which is sorted in different categories (Career, Relationship, Family etc) but if I were to choose the top most of them all, here they are :


Definitely UK is my top priority goal of the year *crossesfinger*.

📖 Prompt 5 : Ways To Achieve My Goals (Prompt 4)

As you can see I have common ways to achieve my goals because well, that’s the best route as for my case. Gotta work hard and earn hard to reach those dreams!


📖 Prompt 6 : 3 New Activities To Try

I have been wanting to try digital art for the longest time but I just don’t have the proper tools to do so. Hopefully this year I can invest in some gadgets that could help me out practice digital arts. Also, I have always admired bullet journals because of their pretty calligraphy and lettering’s. It’s one of the reason actually that I also started having my own BuJo. As for the oil painting there was this self taught artist that I have been following in IG that she literally made me fall in love with oil medium. Although its difficult to master but hey there’s always room for practice~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


📖 Prompt 7 : Declaration(s) To The Universe

This was a bit scary page to make due to the theme that I decided on. Since the prompt says, “universe” I wanted to make a literal universe. The black watercolor was overwhelming for me because I am not quite used yet with blending colors but I guess it turned out okay (somehow) XD.


📖 Prompt 8 : Something I learned This Week

I believe that the way I interpreted this prompt is a bit off and different from what the creator intended to but I just realized it when I’m done making the entire page. >.< Anyways, what I understood from this prompt was more like the things that I have learned for the past weeks. My reflections on the recent things that have happened in my life and things that I have done as well.


📖 Prompt 10 : Things I Love Doing

I personally skipped the #9 prompt because I wasn’t really interested with quarterly goals as I have already organized my goals on a monthly basis in my Bullet Journal.

For this prompt, I actually have more things that I love doing on my spare time but this are my top 4. This are also the things that have kept me busy for the past 4 months (my vacation in Philippines).


I must admit that I have gone a bit lazy on the last few remaining prompts of the challenge that I cramped all 4 prompts in one spread and also because I was technically running out of pages for my January.

📖 Prompt 11 : Self Affirmation Page

Basically my self affirmation is quite similar to my Mantra and Declaration as this is what I wanted myself to always remember. Try your best in what you do and to never give up!


📖 Prompt 12 : Polaroid Washi Tape Page

I honestly wanted to make a bigger version of this one but as to no avail because I was already on my last 2 pages for January. So unfortunately I was able to make only 4 Polaroid washi tape.


📖 Prompt 13 : Savings Goal (Jar Illustration Page)

Another challenge that I am not sure if I made it right although I am guessing that I didn’t of course. The others that I saw in Instagram were more like an empty jar with a specific amounts that they will (probably) save for a certain goal. However, mine is basically the same (in thoughts) but what I did is more of the “jar illustration” part. Anyways it was really rushed so my bad ((´д`)).CDA57F63-7C73-467D-96C4-651EFA9BC752

📖 Prompt 14 : My Travel Bucket List (5 Cities)

At least I didn’t messed up this one (*゚ロ゚). My favorite that I made of all the 4 prompts that I cramped here. This are all my dream travel destinations! There are more of course~ but for now, this are my top 5!


📖 Prompt 15 : Art Page (Highlights of January 2019)

I have to be honest again, I wasn’t planning to make this prompt as well because like I said earlier I was on the last pages of my January already. Usually I would make a closing kinda spread for each month but unintentionally the way I made the page actually felt and looked like the #15 prompt so there you go. (・□・;)


I hope you enjoyed my simple spreads. There are lots of pretty spreads in Instagram so if you wanna check them all out you can find them with the hashtag #dreamjournaling2019challenge and also with #ABC’sjournalingchallenge.

I am definitely looking forward for more journal challenges like this one for the rest of the year because why not? It’s fun, inspiring and makes you more productive in journaling~


Anyways thank you for your time and see you in my next post! Happy Journaling everyone _へ__(‾◡◝ )>




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