Stationery : Mommy Jet Little Japan (Batch 3)

Hello awesome! How are you doing today? Well, me, I’ll be sharing to you again another stationery hauls from one of my favorite shops and it’s also my 3rd time purchasing from this store~

I have an unboxing video of the whole haul if you wanna check it out instead~


 Now, let us start with the cute sticker packs I’ve got

The shark is definitely my favorite~ 🦈

These sumo wrestlers are so adorable~ 🤼



And I also have this suitcases tags for future travels! ✈✈

Washi Tape Samples, Rolls and Sets~






I love grid style washis~


And some random stamp pads and Wooden ones.


I also have a Journal With Me process video, if you wanna see how I made this spread below just click the picture itself!



That ends my stationery haul for today.  In a month I will be going back to my work in Riyadh already so watch out for more hoarding for the rest of the year XD. Anyways thank you guys, and as always, stay awesome and kawaii~






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