Doodles : Yuno Gasai

Hello there. I haven’t had any improvements (of course) since I am not spontaneously practicing with my copics and I don’t know why 😭. Anyways… today’s doodle practice is my favorite yandere waifuu, Yuno~


You know those art channels in Youtube with tutorials of how to draw this blah blah blah, then says Step 1 : Rough Sketch. Like yeah dude, thanks a lot.



I don’t know how to get rid of the streaks 😦 Haaaalp 😭 I have watched some tutorials and it says something about the direction of your strokes. hmmmm



I used a liquid eraser for the white part of the eyes.



To summarize, I have 2 major problems with Copics. One is the streaks (wrong way of  stroking most likely). Second, my color combinations is usually a bit off which I guess is because of my poor blending and wrong choices of color family. I know that the shade of pink I used in Yuno’s hair is meh. Oh well…. anyways thank you again and again and I’m gonna see you in my next post!




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