Rilakkuma : Brother Electronic Label Maker

Hi there lads! Aside from the stationery haul that I had posted the other day, I also purchased this Label Maker from Brother!


I have been eyeing this ever since I saw it in Brother Philippine’s Instagram account. Although I had a hard time looking for it at first. This was only sold in National Bookstore and not all branches have it. I even tried searching online and found some in Hongkong and Singapore but they don’t sell internationally.


Then I finally found myself one ^_^ 💜



It looks so cute and sleek! It doesn’t look cheap at all for its price and I was kinda surprised that it was actually bigger than I expected.


You can see the tape through that small window at the back and will allow you to monitor how thick you have left.


Press this down to open the back compartment.


It’s so much to explore with. It has lots of fonts and designs to choose from. The only disadvantage for me is it needs at least 6 pieces of Triple A batteries which means you need to keep a lot of extras if ever.


The cutter for cutting the printed Label.


This is the laminated tape that comes with the box. (It looks like a cassette tape though 😂 )


It’s easy to install because there is a picture guide and once you’ve put it in place you’re good to print away.


I also did an unboxing video for this if ever you wanna see how the actual printing looks like. Just CLICK HERE if you wanna watch it.



And that’s all of it for now. Personally I would recommend this to all Rilakkuma lovers out there. I so much love this label maker and excited as well to incorporate this in my Journal entries.



Anyways have a great weekend ahead! And see you in my next post! 😊💜

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