Stationery : Mommy Jet’s Little Japan Haul (Batch 2)

Good Day Lads. Hope ya’ll doing just fine, today I am back with another stationery hauls for my Journal!


So my flatmate arrived yesterday night from her vacation and I had my hauls from Mommy Jet’s favored for her to bring here in Riyadh. Bless your soul my friend.


I adore everything about in this batch! Also I got more items this time compared to my previous purchase with the same shop.

Anyways lets get into them type by type. First are these awesome wooden stamps.


And this is my personal favorite of  all the stamps. Sometimes I feel like it would be nice to just stay away from all the trolls in the internet, disconnect, chill and be one with mother earth and that dino is sooo cute by the way.


I also have these clear stamps, only 2 though. I want to collect more of these kinds.


I really really want to expand more of my sticker collection also in the future but right now I am investing mostly in washi tapes. Although I have some reserved stickers that I’ll be getting this December from my grade school classmate who’s currently working in Japan.



Sticker Flakes!

Memo Sheets!


And now here comes the Washi overload 😍

Some washi samples + freebies 💜


And the exclusive washi tape of Mommy Jet’s ! How cool is that! 👌🏻


Also I got these Kraft Grid notebooks that I will be using for my travel logs ^_^ 💜 but these are from a different shop.

Aaand that concludes all of my haul from Mommy Jet’s Little Japan Shop! Thank You for having an amazing stationery shop that fills our hunger xD


Souvenir pouch from my friend who brought the haul 💜


Thanks also for dropping buy guys. See you in my next haul!


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