Stationery : Sakura Washi Tapes + 2018 Schedule Book + Other Journal Hauls

Hello guys! Time flies too fast for February eh? Well today my mini haul arrived, thanks to my work mate who took time and brought it here for me in Riyadh.

So I got caught up with journal lately and it’s super fun! Although Β way before journaling became so popular and hyped now, I remember I was already writing journals, diaries and slum books since grade school. Also scrapbooking was really a favorite past time of mine up until now.

Anyways so first off, I was finally able to catch up with my Hobonichi transfer and now it’s time to start with my Bullet one. It’s never too late you know 😬.

Starting first with some bunch of other journaling stuffs that I got during the past weeks.

This bullet notebook is from a company called Booqool. I’ve never heard of them before but so far their product is pretty neat. The pages (120gsm) are thick enough not to get those inks and water bleed. Though this particular one that I have (A5) has only 120 pages so good luck on not running out before the year ends.

Then I also got this A5 cover for my bullet journal from a shop in Instagram but they also sell this in AliExpress. It looks like a Hobonichi cover dupes and I must say the quality is lit.

Alright next is these washi hauls that I also got from Instagram.

I had this Rilakkuma Pocket thing like 2-3 years and I never had the chance to use it in its full extent I guess it was just waiting for the right time

It has a lots of pockets and zippy ones inside which I think really is perfect for journaling notebooks.

It fits perfectly my Rilakkuma Schedule book !

And now onto the title proper haul. This 2018 Rilakkuma Schedule book is too adorable to write on. I honestly haven’t decided yet if I am going to use this or just keep for collectibles.

Even the insides are really cute. It has the typical planner set up like Monthly Calendar, Future Logs etc. Also each month starts off with different designs and colors.

Although I haven’t tested the paper of it yet so I can’t say for now if its ink friendly and doesn’t bleed.

It has a subway guide also for travelers which is pretty cool.

However my favorite part of this schedule book is it comes with cute memo notes that you can cut and make a design!

Next and finally are these super kawaii Sakura series Rilakkuma Washi Tapes.

I don’t have the other series of washi tapes but I might try to get a hold of them sometime in the future.


So there you have it, that’s all for now with my haul post. Sorry if it was a bit long πŸ˜…. Thank you for staying though!



またね !!!


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