Hobonichi Techo 2018 : Shinsuke Yoshitake A Perfect Day for Picnic Blankets [A6 Original]

Hello guys. So I was pretty hyped today because my awaited package came in! My very first Hobonichi Journal!


I very excited when I came home from duty because I was really looking forward for this journal.


Although, there’s a huge misunderstanding in my part. It really pays to read lol. I did not notice what I clicked on my cart during the purchase. I have the A5 in mind but since I wasn’t paying attention I got the A6 instead. I never even noticed  in the email invoice that it was A6 not until I got the box today, opened it, and there you go.


However I am still pretty happy with this size. It’s quite small but I think I can manage. I just have to let things work out.

Well moving on to my unboxing. It came with these 2 little books, both are in English. They must have sent these as extras because I ordered the Japanese Version so that’s kinda pretty awesome of them!

Interesting little quote there.


This is what all I got inside.


Mildliner Sets


Kamoi Kakoshi mt Slim Washi Tapes [twist cord A]


Meal Decider Dice and 3-Color Ballpoint Pen
Jetstream. These are online exclusive only by the way and also a soft PVC cover on cover. So there’s 3 freebies when you order online.


Avec A6 Original. Ironically it’s really small in person compared to the picture.


  Shinsuke Yoshitake A Perfect Day for Picnic Blankets Cover


How the cover looks inside

So that’s all of it for my Hobonichi unboxing. Despite my mistake with the size I’m still gonna give it a go. Although I have to admit that I’m really not at ease at the moment but I hope it’ll pass lol.



Well then see you guys in my next whatnots. Happy Journaling!



またね !!!

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