My Travel buddy is a Mermaid!!!

Hello there again… minna-san. Well I am back with another travel blog this time around with Sun Seto!


Seto is one of my “oldest” figmas around and since I know I’m going to the sea again of course I had to pick some one “appropriate”. Although I  really don’t have a proper “story line” for her because you know.. creative block plus it was a very rush trip I must say. Anyways, despite the block here are some of our adventures !



One fine day, Seto was feeling bored and tired from all the school stuffs and a like.


So she went on some random walk to get some fresh air.and get rid if the boredom. Then after for quite sometime, Seto stumbled upon a perfect spot to chill with and decided to do some training to keep her occupied.



As we all know Seto is from a family of Yakuza so having the knowledge to fight is just basic.


She ain’t your ordinary neighbourhood high school girl.

Hours have passed and she grew tired of training, Seto started walking again until she spotted a sea shore.


Although she wasn’t alone. About 5 meters away from the shore there was someone in the sea. The water was almost on her neck level.


Adrenaline took over Seto that she plunged herself unconsciously in the water, transforming altogether into her mermaid form.


“Hey!” , Seto called out to the girl. Then the said girl slowly turned her head towards where the voice came from, looking puzzled but delighted at the same time.


“Oh I thought you were …uhmm.. drowning” Seto said politely and feeling embarrassed as well for panicking so much.

“Its you.” the drowning girl muttered

“Huh?!” Seto was getting more confused.

And so the drowning girl told Seto a short back story of why she was there at the first place. She said she had a very vivid dream last night of meeting a mermaid by this exact shore where they are now and that she wasn’t trying to drown herself. XD


“What a weird dream you have.” Seto let out a sweet chuckle, both laughing at her panic and the unusual encounter.


Then the girl filled in more details about her dream and on how she got to the sea barely knowing if that dream will come to reality or what. She knew of course that it was a ridiculous story but who knows and then today, happened.

More hours have passed and the two girls talked like forever. Like they were acquaintances for along time, like it didn’t even mattered to the drowning girl that she is now talking to a mermaid! Just like in her dream.


The odd story drew a smile on Seto’s face. Then finally the drowning girl had to bid goodbye for she needs to go home as it’s getting quite late as well.


“Will you come by again?” asked Seto, the girl nodded happily. “Though I hope I won’t see you in that way again. You will scare anyone that sees you. Trust me.” Seto stressed out. The drowning girl shrugged and just laugh it out.


“Well then, see you around my drowning girl!”


End of Story! Well from nothing I had actually something stuck in my frontal lobes lol. Anyways I’m sorry for the jumbled ideas that’s all I can come up with (´~`ヾ).

I hope you guys enjoy the weekends and have a great holiday. Well until next blog…  thank you so much (⺣◡⺣)♡*.




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