Headset : Siberia Steelseries V2 [Limited Edition Purple]

Hi there internet 🙂


Disclaimer: This post btw is not a thorough “review” of the headset as I am not a pro in terms of that field. It’s just me showcasing how majestic this piece of creation haha ≧(´▽`)≦

Well I finally got my hands on this lovely purple baby. It’s not a new release but I have been hunting this one since I missed it when it first came out but alas I found you buddy (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪.


The shade is looking awesome! It so sleek up close I swear. It’s made out of plastic though but I think is durable enough, just make sure you don’t sit on it. Also it has an overall matte texture.


The ear cuffs are quite soft so its very wearable.


There’s an on and off and volume controller for the mic (the square thing) as well as 2 jacks, one for the mic and the other for the ears but you don’t need to put both. Just the one for the ears and it will work (in laptops specifically since they only have one port). Also it came with a cable if ever you needed an “extra” length. Maybe you’re too far away from your laptop or PC then this will help you a lot lol.


Mandatory logo.


Retractable mic. The sound quality is decent so far with my experience in [Dota 2] but comparing it to my Razer Krake, Razer is better.



It’s so comfortable to wear honestly (no sugar coating done). I even liked it more than my Razer headsets. It doesn’t hurt at all even for long hours of usage. (The messy hair is real though xD )



Over all, I super love it! It looks amazing and so comfy to wear. Well that’s it for now. Bye bye and see you in my next updates!!!



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