Manga : Gangsta。[Kohske]

Stop pretending you’re, Human.DSC_0339DSC_0340A few months ago, after finishing another manga of my favorite genre [gore | psychological] I was left empty again. Wanting to fill that gap I tried to search titles of the same genre and I found something that I never thought would get me so emotionally attached to.


Lets face it, the world we have today is not as ideal as we want it to be. Personally in my country right now, the whole governance is corrupted by greed and ambition. And to have a certain story with negative and sensitive plots is not as ideal to majority of the readers as well. Now my featured manga for today’s post is more or less , has one of those plots.

GANGSTA. centers the story of two souls that we might say have met in a not so perfect time and place. Written and Illustrated by Kohske which unfortunately I don’t know yet if there’s a photo of her but I guess none as of the moment.. (and yes the awesome creator of this masterpiece is a woman).


Hello? Benriya speaking ☎

Her leading gentlemen are most known as the [underground] Benriya which literally means Handyman. In other words people who can basically do everything under the sun (or moon).DSC_0349Worick Arcangelo, the handsome gun-toting gigolo. Uhm I warned you with the “negative plots” but do not be deceived by mere intros. There’s more to this story and it’s something I can guarantee. DSC_0383Second half of the Benriya is Nicolas Brown my husband. Ex mercenary, deaf and a tagged.

They are currently living in the slums of Ergastulum [a Roman building used to hold in chains dangerous slaves, or to punish other slaves. *Wiki]DSC_0377…where everything underground and illegal is lurking like. . .DSC_0347

DSC_0295…and guess more.

These are sensitive topics and may even be offending to some however these are also what reality is right now. It’s harsh but sometimes? You need to be harsher to survive.DSC_0369

Im so sorry. I messed it up.


No you don’t. Not yet. There’s no way I’m going to let you do that! I’m not going to let you die that easily! Not like you did my dad! You’re going to go through a lot more pain before you die! You’ll die after you suffer a lot more! THAT’S AN ORDER!


Nicolas why? … Why don’t you wonder, “why” ?


I actually..really hate those tagged.


Well now, you guys… who’s your money on?

DSC_0323Nico Neko (✦థ ェ థ)DSC_0358

Are you happy right now?


Have you answered, Worick?



This is my simple appreciation post for Gangsta and Kohske-sensei because IT’S  JUST AWESOME! Sensei is awesome! Anyways the “real life aesthetics” photos were inspired from this post. I’m sorry for my noob edits on the dog tag. I don’t have an authentic merch of it so.. I had to stick with the ordinary ones I have here at home. And I’m terribly sorry as well for displaying [half] of my face..err. Also special thanks to my kitty for the special appearance and dad for lending me his gun LOL.

Currently there are already 7 volumes in print however I did not include my copy to this post since it contains a lot of..well, epic spoilers that I don’t want to ruin things for you guys like it did to me. AAH kidding. But seriously though, BUY the manga to support Kohske-sensei for more serialization and they’ve got tons of good stuffs that comes with it. Just by watching Bakuman you might have at least an idea how difficult it is to be a mangaka and to maintain the manga’s status.DSC_0354

If you want updates regarding Gangsta. and everything related to it THIS SITE is the best you can have. Well again, thank you guys. I hope you will also enjoy and support Gangsta. to its fullest!



One thought on “Manga : Gangsta。[Kohske]

  1. Hi there! I just wanted to say I’ve been reading through some of your posts, and I love your photography so much! It definitely inspires me to get more creative with my photos XD I loved the Gangsta anime until it kind of went off the rails at the end, so I think I definitely need to check out the manga!

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