Nendoroid : Ayanami Rei ~Shin Seiki Evangelion~ Eva Racing Version (Good Smile Company)

Howdy! Today we will be looking at Rei-san this time. Partly continuation of the previous Asuka LangleyDSC_0059DSC_0061DSC_0065Technically speaking, Rei has only one accessory. The racing umbrella, which has 2 types, folded and the open one. Unlike with Asuka that has a sign and grid board ( 2 at least).DSC_0067DSC_0068Well, Rei is the exact opposite of Asuka. Rei would be called in (our) world now as a shut in. She is socially withdrawn and most of the time just seemingly apathetic. She is the original first child and pilots Eva 00.

. . .

Rei’s paint job on her hair is as nice as with Asuka. Just the exact shade and gradient from super light blue to a little darker tone.
DSC_0072DSC_0074DSC_0075Her race suit is well detailed, and the sculpting is clean. However there’s a few sloppy and uneven paints on her arm gloves. Asuka doesn’t seem to have the same problem probably because it’s more visible with white than red.
DSC_0078DSC_0080I actually like Rei better of all the 3 girls. Although scientifically speaking, she has no original identity. I wonder how does it feel to be just created out of somethings or someone.DSC_0070But despite the gloomy and tragic life of Rei at least her nendoroid version is super cute it can mask those sadness away lolDSC_0085Rei’s first smile in the series felt like there was truly a miracle in their devoid world, just for a while thoughDSC_0091❝  Man fears the darkness, and so he scrapes away at the edges of it with fire. He creates life by diminishing the Darkness.

The Race Queen Parasol. Opened.
DSC_0096DSC_0098DSC_0102Cool design on the umbrella, Rei’s Eva number, RUN’A, Eva Racing and NERV logos printed on it. And according to GSC it was shaded to look like an AT field.

The Race Queen Parasol. Closed.DSC_0106DSC_0107Now wondering how that small parasol blooms into that huge thing in the photo above lol.

. . .

Well that’s all of it for Rei Ayanami. Only that, I have the same concern with Asuka, the absence of a racing flag.DSC_0112 DSC_0114Borrowing from Asuka because I don’t have any other props! -Rei XDDSC_0113Anyways doing this set was so much fun. I got to really play with clay and stuffs. I think I should do more like this in the future if my mood permits. So again thank you guys .. let’s enjoy the rainy weekends! Leaving you with these awesome and cute Eva Racing girls!DSC_0115DSC_0126DSC_0084DSC_0123




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