Nendoroid : Souryuu Asuka Langley ~Shin Seiki Evangelion~ Eva Racing Version (Good Smile Company)

I know way before the teasers that a Nendoroid Eva will be released (there has to be!)..though I never expected it to be in a racing version.DSC_0064DSC_0063I kinda like that Evangelion Officially licensed thing they did.DSC_0065Okay so the set comes in with all of those and this set of stickers  which will be placed on her sign board.DSC_0103DSC_0069 DSC_0071

EVANGELION RACING is a racing team that was created as a tie-up when the new EVANGELION movie was made. The team takes place in popular Motorsports races in Japan using a car painted the colors of Unit 01! The teams race queens are modeled off the ‘Children’ from the series! (Quoted from GSC)

To those complaining why Racing Queens and not the infamous Plug Suits..well race queens are pretty popular in Japan and the Evangelion series is one of the most overly used in such occasions and they have an official team, that alone is a pretty deep reason already. And to be honest their outfit as seen in real girls looks really sexy! Dare tell its not ! lolevangelion-en-la-vida-real-2So anyways.. I have no violent reactions as of now with this release of Racing Queen suits. I mean I like them especially in scale figures. So seeing them in a nendoroid version is pretty cool as well.

Okay now heading back to Asuka. Favorite part is her hair. Awesome detailing and the airbrushing is too precise. Not exaggerating but that’s just how I see it. (Figure Hair fetish is tingling lol)DSC_0074 DSC_0077 DSC_0081Also an impressive detailing on her race queen outfit.
DSC_0076DSC_0079I know most of the reactions of us when we hear Evangelion is a mixture of wonder and confusion. Well I myself questions the existence of that story line once in a while. However, no matter how distorted the story maybe, it is still one of the most intriguing anime out there that a fan can’t miss. And it’s definitely my number 1 post-apocalyptic anime of all time.DSC_0075Where do I even start in describing Asuka’s personality ? She definitely is one hell of a brat and with an overflowing temper. She is the Second Child and pilots Eva 02. She is as crazy as everyone else in the series, though Asuka might be an insane pilot however she’s really good at what she’s doing.DSC_0087DSC_0123Grid Board

Asuka is also the type who’s never honest with her feelings. Tsundere? Oh wait ..DSC_0102 …wait because she is also violent >.< Her feature which I don’t really fancy. Like Imma say, B**** stop harassing me! -_- And that’s her extra face plate by the way, GSC says her expression when supporting the racers but to be honest its more like scolding the racers face.DSC_0094Her IDK pose, maybe “hell yeah I’m fabulous!” or “my German hair is fabulous!”DSC_0104So here’s the sign board without stickers yet and there’s a peg hole on her palm where you’ll insert the board’s peg for locking in.DSC_0107And I guess we are done with her major poses as shown always in the boxes also with her accessories. Though I might have said earlier that I don’t have (so far) any violent reactions with this Eva set, I just thought that maybe they could have made like a pair of racing flags since it’s an important tool in racing.DSC_0119DSC_0117Oh well.. told you we can’t have everything XD So just make one for yourself ^_^
DSC_0108And also since someone was asking a lot of questions in my IG account when I posted my Kageyama set  on stuffs like how I made the court diorama etc.  So here is my simple set up for my Eva Racing.DSC_0111It’s not much because I am not really that good with making dioramas. If you have noticed with some of my old Nendoroid posts which don’t have anything in it since sometimes I don’t feel like making one >.<  Ill still be using this with Rei because they both have the same concept. The whole set up especially the hex grid wallpaper was inspired from Racing RUN’A EVANGELION Racing Wonder Festival 2012 [Winter] (Makuhari, Chiba, Japan).10346568584_92654d2221_bLooking at this girls makes me want a Shinji and Kaoru Nendoroid in a race queen outfit too Y_Y and of course please make a Mari. Just. Please.

So yeah that’s all of it for now..I will have Rei posted soon (because I haven’t started with her set yet). Hope you enjoyed 🙂 and thanks for staying!DSC_0058DSC_0124




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