Happy Mother’s Day !!!

A special tribute post to all the wonderful and badass mother’s around the world! (No cheesy post I promise :p )DSC_0001-1
Most of us are shy to give flowers or greet our mom’s directly, even myself I admit (sometimes!). Especially this generation where texting and chat are the main communication, but it’s their special day of the year. A little something as this petals and a simple personal (as much as possible) greetings will surely mean everything to them. ^_^DSC_0011-1A mother’s love is unconditional.DSC_0461-1And no matter what kind or how they look, they will protect us.DSC_0466-1HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!DSC_0008-1Enjoy this day and everyday of your lives with them! Remember life is short but full of wonders! So live it to the fullest with your loved ones!




7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day !!!

  1. Sorry spamming today xD its a bit late but Happy Mothers Day too to your mom oneesan. ☺️

    1. Hahaha same here 😦 I actually wanted to make a diorama but you know when a disease called laziness strikes …everything won’t matter xD however like I mentioned in this post..a simple greeting will do lots to our mothers. 😬

      1. Seems like my mother was hoping for something greater, though. Or it’s just me thinking that. Anyways, I caught her seeing FB posts of people greeting and treating their moms to dinner on that day. My FB feed made me feel even more guilty.

        The worse part is that I didn’t even know it was Mother’s Day. Mom was the one who informed me.

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