figma : Oshino Shinobu ~Nisemonogatari~ (Max Factory)

Our favorite loli vampire is back in the spotlight, this time with her figma version!DSC_0459DSC_0464-1DSC_0466-1OK. Before we get into business I would like to rant a few Anyways change is a crucial part of everything. I know. However a single extra faceplate won’t kill the toy industry trust me. Gahara-san did have that infamous monogatari smug face in her set so now with Shinobu I have to spend further cash for a figfix for me to enjoy THAT faceplate :/lusciouscookies1430468664Although, I somehow like this new figfix thing. Alright. Alright.

So yeah setting that rant aside, lets take a peek now with the loli -_-DSC_0467-1DSC_0468-1I actually miss having figmas around because I haven’t been collecting them as frequent, unlike before. And since this is Shinobu we’re talking about I can’t surely miss my chance on her.DSC_0471DSC_0473-1 DSC_0515She wears the same outfit her nendoroid version has. I like this dress actually, so much for summer vibe :p She also comes with her straw hat of course, since Shinubo needs it badly when she’s outdoor looking for donuts or killing oddities.DSC_0492-1DSC_0490-1DSC_0487-1And the donuts. Its a sin not to have them if it’s Shinobu.DSC_0486-1Though she’s rather confused which donut should she eat first .. o_oDSC_0483-1And finally decides which one ^_^ Such a cute face she’s making..a priceless delight!DSC_0494Later that day, Shinobu settles down to check on her facebook! And eventually chats with a friend to come over her place since Araragi is not yet home (so it’s gonna be sooo fine to mess around).DSC_0476-1Patiently waiting. . .DSC_0503And look who’s that friend she was chatting with (>^_^)><(^o^<) DSC_0511-1“Come Shinobu-chan, I’ll give you a piggyback ride! Also because you’re smaller than me it’s so cuteDSC_0506“It’s so embarrassing Mayoi-san and I think I’m Heavy (。-_-。*)ゝ

And so the two enjoyed the rest of the day teasing each other and what else, eating donuts! THE END!  ~(˘▾˘~)DSC_0474-1

Anyways, Shinobu has another prop which is her Kokorowatari sword, unfortunately it only goes perfectly with her face smug faceplate (which I don’t have yet) so I did not bother using it because I didn’t like it at the first place, sorry. However I borrowed something from Mayoi instead, which I believe is better.DSC_0513
Don’t worry Shinobu-chan, Mayoi won’t get mad. Here I’ll give you donut so cheer up ok. (That faceplate is looking so gloomy ugh)DSC_0479Much better! *pinches cheeks*

Alright! We’re done! Hope you enjoyed my little review for Shinobu. She’s definitely gonna be a very cute travel buddy! So yeah that’s it, bye for now guys and enjoy the rest of the weekdays! (つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)つ



6 thoughts on “figma : Oshino Shinobu ~Nisemonogatari~ (Max Factory)

  1. Her joints are creepy and they kinda “break the magic”, but it’s super cool to see all the different poses and faces you can use to create all kinds of funny situations. So amusing!

    1. I get the creepy thing.. These are the small versions of BJD.. And those BJD have worst joints xD but you’ll get used to it if you see and play with them everyday hahaha 😎

      I used to get scared with figmas before because I feel like I might break them however, they’re pretty tough and yeah recreating the poses is the most fun part.

  2. Hello oneesan. I just discovered your blog today. Its pretty cool. I love your figures and photos especially in this one. I love those Rilakkuma minis in your background. Keep this up oneesan. 😃

    1. I am truly happy and glad you liked it. The Shinobu figma is a very good addition to any action figure collector ^_^ … I also hope to have the figfix in review soon xD

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