Nendoroid : Hoshizora Rin Love Live! School Idol Project (Good Smile Company)

Hello guys! Summer is still running wild in the corners and so as the mighty sun! I feel like a vampire everytime I go out. *Deep breathe* anywaaaaays why don’t we start with today’s spotlight, another from Love Live. I’m actually super late with my love live updates *sighs* but then, this way’s better than never ^_^.DSC_0463-1DSC_0465-2DSC_0466-3DSC_0496-23Like I said there’s always gonna be a tomboy in a girls group of friends. And yaaas, its her, my dear Rin-chan. She is also my second favorite in the group well mainly because I can relate with her personality.DSC_0467-4DSC_0473-8Rin is a first year and is closest with Koizumi. She also has a lot of similiraties with Honoka. The unwavered determination, jolly in nature and a sporty! I personally love girls who are in sports maybe because I don’t and so watching them inspires me though I never do it myself. And to be honest, I may be a long haired one (most of my life) but I love staring at girls with pixie hairs. I see them as feeling more confident wearing such short cuts and would still look glamorous!DSC_0470-6DSC_0475-9DSC_0472-7Well now, moving on with her different gestures as usual but before that exactly, as I may have said that I am quite used now with whatever these love live sets have. However I cannot disregard my expectation of a mooooore cat curve mouth nyaa. Though I can see a little line of it nyaa, it’s not ENOUGH NYAA!DSC_0468-5rin-hissAnyways again, of all the girls as well, Rin is the only one (so far) who has an extra prop! Her lovely maracas~nyaa from the ending theme of the series nyaa!DSC_0488-19DSC_0490-20Since Rin is good with dancing~nyaa, her gestures mostly are similar to some dance moves which is kinda cute nyaa!DSC_0479-11“Everyone! Let’s start the practice now~nyaa!”DSC_0477-10“Do I look cute nyaa?DSC_0483-15“Lets do our best nyaa!”DSC_0487-18Rin still practicing after classes! Such hard work nyaaa~

Well now minna that ends my Rin spotlight for today, 5th release from Love Live nendoroids which means 4 more to go nyaa!DSC_0505-1I don’t know exactly why is Eli in a box.. o_oDSC_0510-1Meanwhile… Eli checking out her girls if they’re really practicing… well err.. guess…they do?

Anyways hope you liked it nyaa~




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