S.H.Figuarts : Kinomoto Sakura ~Card Captor Sakura~ (Bandai)

How is everybody doing so far? Bet most of you are in the middle of summer escapades. Well as for me it was rather a rough week. Just today I had one of my molars extracted and well, I am in pain right now. Anyways I told you, April is Sakura’s month (for me)! So here’s another treat for CCS fans out there ^_^

DSC_0459-1DSC_0460-2First of all, the packaging itself is awesome! Or nope it’s actually gorgeous! It’s very worth every penny I’ve spent here. Before the figure box itself is this transparent box plastic (open on both ends) with a very pretty Sakura design!DSC_0462-4While the inner box is designed as a Clow Book which is pretty cool right. Even when you open the book box, it is definitely looking good. A for effort Bandai peeps.DSC_0463-5As expected from figuarts, they always have a lot of parts like hands and the faceplates.
DSC_0490-21The base reminds me of  the Cherry version’s base only that this one’s not a wedge type. Second photo below are the stand for the backdrops, and the last photo is the bandana which is a bonus for the first releases.DSC_0476-13DSC_0479-15Both backdrops are also part of the bonuses.DSC_0470-10Now that we are done with the accessories and parts let us move on with Sakura’s figure!DSC_0467-5 DSC_0465-4DSC_0468-6DSC_0474-11DSC_0469-7DSC_0464-3The paint job is pretty decent, even the small details were painted carefully. No spills spotted so far which is very good of course. The sculpting is neat as well including the hair most especially. Now onto the most important factor, checking the articulations plus accessories! Or in other words, Playtime :pDSC_0472-9I only have a few number of action figures because I am more of a scale and Nendo collector and sometimes I find these figmas too thin. Anyways Figuarts joints compared to Max Factory is slightly softer and looks a bit more fragile. However, I find Figuarts safer to manipulate once you start messing with the parts. IDK maybe it’s just the feel to it or because its softer that’s why it’s easier to bend without fearing of breaking.DSC_0479-15-2-1Sealing Wand
DSC_0486-19DSC_0488-20Clow CardDSC_0491-22-2Keroberus! Unfortunately he has no stand of its own but somehow he can stand just fine so put him anywhere near Sakura as you please 🙂DSC_0509-37So far, that’s all of the accessories Sakura have in her set. Everything seems to be in a very pretty and neat condition. I was kinda relunctant at first but now looking at it closely it’s not that bad at all! In fact it’s actually well made and regarding from my experience of playing with her since day 1, I did not have any major problems like lose joints or falling parts. I also find it easier to bend the joints and interchange faces. If ever others did encountered problems, then my friend it’s a figure defect of your copy. Otherwise everything is fine and the most fun part is, you can pose all the way!DSC_0497-27DSC_0514-42DSC_0502-31DSC_0499-29DSC_0493-24DSC_0480-1




4 thoughts on “S.H.Figuarts : Kinomoto Sakura ~Card Captor Sakura~ (Bandai)

  1. Idk Im more of a Max Factory Figma fan than Figuarts so Id still root with the upcoming figma but this one’s not bad at all. And oh kudos to the boxes its really beautiful. Lovely photos as well, great job on the cloud backdrop!

    1. I both love figuarts and figma though ^_^ … Figuarts somehow has a “softer” articulations probably because of their joints compared to figmas. And yes I would totally agree about the boxes. Glad they put an effort to it. 😆

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